Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time Out For a Personal Update

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Friends and family over at Facebook already know this, but, some of Reflection's readers are not Facebook friends, so I share with you - -

Man had a melanoma in 2009.  He recently went in for a cancer check up and a basal cell cancer was found on his back.  It has been removed.  But, I noticed a "pimple" looking thing on his chest and we had the doctor look at it.  Yep, another melanoma.  The doctor missed it in his exam, as I found it the very next day.  Ya, that miss by the professional did not thrill us.

Surgery to remove the growth is scheduled for early next week, with a 2 week, no activity healing time frame.  We don't know if he will need a second surgery.  He did the first go around with this buggar, melanoma.

So, we are grounded for a bit.  Tana has been winterized.  We have been working on getting issues in order for departure, the van is parked in the pole barn, dog food and meds have been procured, for example.  If we are cleared for travel, those things will be done, that is a good thing.

I hope to spend this extra time blogging and cleaning the office(s).  That said, much energy has been spent these last couple of months on endless loop medical messes and frustration is running a bit deep around here.  SIGH.

So, onward we go.  Life is a roller coaster, I hope we are nearing the bottom of this run.

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Greta Koehl said...

Sending up prayers for a speedy and total recovery for Man. And don't forget to take it easy yourself.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Ditto what Greta said. Lots of prayers.