Thursday, October 17, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: On To Benbow California

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May 15, 2013.  We leave Willets and move on to Benbow California, a drive of 65 miles.  We will be making short moves for weeks to come, 40 miles here, 65 there.  We will stop for 1, 2, 3, 4 nights, do day trips to places we do not care to drag Tana (or cannot drag her).  We will follow 101 north for about 6 weeks.  101 is curvy, and can be at times a slow drive, of course, this is much of the attraction, slow and curvy.

As you can see, CURVY!  This is part of today's drive.  Note at the top, Richardson Grove State Park, there be Redwoods there.

Signs, always of interest and because they are different to me, a source of amusement. Did not see any of the critters in the flesh tho.

Gotta love this name:

We stopped for lunch and I spied this.  It was HUGE!  A water bladder.  Knowing little about it, but, applying some common sense, it would seem you would have warm water, that black skin heating the water inside?

Here is the entrance to Richardson Grove, note, how close those trees are to the side of the roadway, and yep, Tana made it through without skinning her sides.  We will pay a visit to the grove later, stay tuned.  Glad we did it sans Tana.

Our home for the next 3 nights.  Lovely campsite.


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