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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Shelter Cove California

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May 17, 2013.  After a delightful, and interesting ride from Benbow to Shelter Cove we were ready for lunch.  We had a picnic lunch with us, and we headed down to King Range National Conservation Area Mal Coombs Park.  It has picnic tables, a landing strip nearby, campground nearby, ocean nearby and the Cape Mendocina Lighthouse, as well as a few other surprises.

Here is that campground as we drove into the park area, lots of tents and small campers, remember Shelter Cove Road??  Smaller is better, in this case, in my opinion.

Like I said, there is a landing strip nearby, and me and planes, well, I heard this one and turned to snap off a photo.  My kinda plane.  If you look closely, you can see campers parked way back there - - -

ZOOM, thanks to Sony Too, and some serious cropping with the digital editing software, shows that some smaller motorhomes and trailers do manage to traverse Shelter Cove Road. There were only a few 5th wheels in the campground, one of them was about 10 foot shorter than our Tana.  10 foot makes a lot of difference towing roads like Shelter Cove.

There are several memorials in the park:

In Memory of Our Shipmates and Friends.  
On July 12, 1994, Coast Guard Helicopter 6541 Responded To a Mayday From a Sailing Vessel in Distress South of Shelter Cove CA.  While Searching For The Vessel in Heavy Fog, The Helicopter Crashed Into The Cliff 1/4 Mile North by North East of This Location in Position 40-01.5 North, 124-03.8 West.  All Hands Perished in The Crash.

Crew of Coast Guard Helicopter 6541

Lt. Laurence Williams, Pilot
Lt. Mark Koteek, Co-Pilot
ASMCS Peter Leeman, Rescue Swimmer
AM1 Michael Gill, Flight Mechanic.

Mario Machi
1914   1998
A Founder of Shelter Cove With Brothers Tony and 
Babe Machi

A Ready Smile, A Friendly wave, A Faraway Look Waiting for "His" Fishermen to Return.
We're Thankful We've Known This Gentle Man - -


Survivor of the Bataan Death March and Over Three Years of Brutal Captivity in World War II
Bronze Star -  Service to Others -


Courageous Ocean Rescues - Respected Teacher, Author, Historian.
The Spirit of Shelter Cove. 

A lovely stature of Mario.  (Photo less than lovely. SIGH The bright sun fooled Sony Too and me.  Ooops.)

Here is the Cape Mendocina Lighthouse, I found two rather nice web pages that talk about the lighthouse, the first, here, is the basics, but, very well done.  The second page, here, is very detailed and is fascinating reading!  Don't forget to click!  

After lunch, we drove around town, discovering this beaut of a home, with a killer view of the water.

Man stopped so I could take some additional photos, when I spied:

More Sony Too zoom, did not see the inhabitants,  those are some fancy residences, eh?  If you know what resides here, let me know.

Must have at least one charming old boat in the yard.

It was rather calm on the sea:

Oh, my, what does Sony Too zoom?   Yes, sea lions.

More of our visit to Shelter Cove to come.  Come on back now - - 


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Carol, those look like they may be some sort of Swallow nests.