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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Golden Gate Park And Beyond

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May 10, 2013

(STILL - - yep, way behind - - working on it)

After our picnic lunch we drove easterly through the park, stopping once or twice to capture the views and wander around.  Parking was not favorable for Jolly, so, we mostly kept rolling.

This was about 3 to 4 foot tall, I have no idea, but, found it interesting, white pedals emerging from the dark red/green.  Anyone able to identify this?

A lovely multi-level water fall and a bridge.  Yummy.

Oriental influenced garden area.  Always pretty.  Always!

We drove into the Haight-Ashbury area.  Yes, we were from that time, we had to at least drive down a street or two, Man wanted to see Haight-Ashbury.  So, we did, I do love the architecture.  LOVE those angled rooms in the front.  SIGHHH

We then drove back thru the park, there were several interesting places we would have loved to stop, but there was no parking, so, sadly, we left the Golden Gate Park and headed to the Lake Merced area.  There we found a memorial to Captain Juan Bautista De Anza.

We drove past San Francisco State University, the San Francisco Zoo, soon finding ourselves on the Great Highway.  Just north of the zoo I captured this artwork with Sony Too while Jolly kept on driving.  No place to stop to discover what it was.  Hopefully one of my readers will enlighten us.

Along the Great Highway, near Ulloa (location per some other photos I discovered online), I spied a row of homes, painted different colors, just like a rainbow.  

(Now, I'll warn you, if you search for rainbow houses in San Francisco, you are gonna find some amazing photos online.  Here are two links, one, two.  Man and I did not visit during our visit to San Fran, just to be clear.  Would have been fun to do so tho!)

Across the Great Highway is Ocean Beach, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  We saw people walking on the beach, one lone kite surfer and a large ship almost to port. I also spied what I believe was someone sleeping on the sand dunes, almost appeared that someone had a tent that had collapsed.  We saw lots of interesting things and people in San Francisco.

I felt like I was back in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, all that sand on the road.

We drove along Geary Boulevard till we found our way back to 1 north and the 101 north to the Golden Gate Bridge, heading back to camp.  I have more to show you, more Golden Gate bridge and some other fun things Sony Too and I captured.  Soon - -


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