Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Grandfather Tree, And, You Can Do THAT With A Redwood?

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May 16, 2013, We will spend a few hours driving around, made a quick visit to Richardson Grave State Park (photos to come) and stopped at some of the tourists traps, err, businesses along 101.  Sometimes ya just gotta stop at those places and enjoy the creativity and some ice cream or a cup of coffee, and smile - -

This is the Grandfather Tree, this photo taken with the panoramic setting with Sony Too, turned sideways, a challenge to say the least, fun, but a challenge!  Man is down there, little tiny Man!  SNICKER!  The Grandfather Tree is 245 feet tall, the tree trunks are 55 feet in circumference.  Yep, that ole Grandfather, he's a biggie!

See, he really is there, over there on the right, with his back to the camera, seems he has a habit of that back to the camera thing.

Lots of carvings to enjoy and photograph:

Taking a seat, err, rest, Man and Captain Hook.

I think this carving was supposed to be true to size?  GULP!  Grizzly Bear.

And, YES, we are in the southern reaches of Big Foot Country, see, here he is!  You know there just HAD to be a carving of Big Foot!

The Redwoods are astonishing.  I'll share more, soon - -



my Heritage Happens said...

Love your pictures, as always. I look forward to them! I have the same problem as you do, my husband's back is usually in the pictures! lol

Karen said...

I love those tourist traps... ummm.. I mean businesses, too! Love to see the fun places you've found. Those are some incredible carvings.