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Saturday, October 5, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Sea Mist Lifts, Fun Stuff I Find Along The 101

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

May 10, 2013, continuing our driving day trip to San Francisco, we are now headed back to camp, north(ish) along the 101, crossing the Golden Gate.  No issues this time getting through the toll gate area, as we managed to figure out the curb lane was best for Jolly.

There is still sea mist (fog) hiding the top of the bridge tower:

"The total length of the Bridge including approaches from abutment to abutment: 1.7 miles", according to the web site for the bridge. It is starting to look sea-mist-less??  Could it be?? Will I get the opportunity to photo the bridge sans sea-mist??  Hope - -


As you go north from San Francisco there is the H. Dana Bowers Memorial Vista Point.  With minimal sea-mist (for the moment), we had to pull off, and we did.  Clear!  Looking from the Vista Point back into San Francisco.

Clear on the north, misty on the south, I actually took several of these shots, from this same vantage point, and the mist covers that far tower differently in each.  I still think that mist might be alive - -

At the base of the tower on the far north side, see the photo above, you will see small buildings on an outcrop of rock.  Sony Too zooms:

Certain photos I take seem to beg me to "play" with them in my photo editing program, this one did:

At the Vista Point there is the Lone Sailor Memorial.  Upon research, I discovered it is one of 12.

San Francisco, still enveloped in the mist/fog, tomorrow we will visit you again, till then - -

On the ride back to home/Tana/camp, I captured these true "house boats".

Imagine my delight to see a house boat AND a sea plane.  After seeing all the mist/fog and chatting with some of my friends who have lived in and around San Fran, I have to wonder how often this plane has weather clear enough to fly.  It is for hire, I believe, as I saw a sign nearby advertising "Seaplane Tours".

A little further up the 101 I spy some more "artwork" on top of the offices of a local nursery business, one grasshopper, err, praying mantis, green and super duper large!  (Thank you to friend Jana for correcting my identification.)

And, on the other end of the building, a lady bug (a red one, we can only hope the real deal not one of those Oriental wanna bee biting snarky lady bugs like I get here in SE Michigan in the fall) and I do believe those little green bugs are aphids.  Sure caught my attention, I do so love the odd things we see as we travel, they make me smile.  Even if they are bugs!

Our next two days will be spent riding the ferries to and from San Francisco and our battles with mass transit, sorta a win/loose thingy.


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