Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Richardson Grove State Park, Garberville, California

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May 16, 2013.  After doing some touristy stuff, we stopped back at Richardson Grove State Park.

101 along this stretch would become very narrow at points.  It is rather difficult to trim the redwoods.  See the link below to Wikipedia article, which just so happens to discuss this narrow road situation.

At the park, we drove around.  It became evident very quickly that this particular park was no place for Tana, we could barely get Jolly around in the campground.  This is one of the campsites, it was another few feet long, Jolly may have fit on the site, there was no way Tana was going to.

Next we drove over by the Eel River, the road in and out was just as narrow.  Looks more like a hiking trail.

Looking up and up and up - -  you cannot see the ground and the tops of the trees at the same time.

Richardson Grove State Park, per Wikipedia, contains "approximately 2,000 acres, straddles US 101, causing the narrowest point of its entire distance. Said to have the 9th largest tree of all remaining Coast Redwoods."  The article discusses the pro and con arguments over widening 101 through the park.

Coming up, Shelter Cove and part of the Avenue of the Giant Redwoods.  One long day trip, over 330 photos taken.


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