Monday, September 2, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Lodi California, Pleasant Surprises

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We stopped at Lodi for just a couple of nights.  RVing friends Bob and Mina are originally from there, and since we were all in the area, we spent time together. They are really good tourist guides!

I will have to say, and I have no idea why, but, I was surprised by the water. Lakes, rivers, levies, water!!  Look at the map (Lodi off to the far right center.)

Yep, water!

We found a few musicians along the way, there was a local festival, looked like fun, but, we did not stop.

Headed for the parteeeeeeeeeee, looks like fun just getting there!

With all this water there just had to be houseboats and there were!  Quite a few. Here is a special one.  OKKK, I could so do this!

It does not take long to discover that the Lodi area grows a LOT of grapes, LOTS of wine!

Thanks Bob and Mina, I know there was a LOT more stuff we saw and enjoyed, it was a nice day, very enjoyable, fun things to see and good friends to share it with!


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