Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mother Nature, a Force to be Reckoned With

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As a reminder, I find stuff when we travel.  Some of the things I highlight here on Reflections may be controversial.  You may not agree with part or parcel of what I highlight.  I am not taking sides, I will not abide by conversations or comments on Reflections that debate.  In this case, I can hear some saying, "Well, they got what they deserved for building there."  Maybe they did, maybe they did not.  That is not for me to judge.  It is for me to share and show you things I find interesting, some beautiful, some sad, some powerful, some, I hope, will make you think.

May 7, 2013  Along California 1, just south of Duncan's Landing part of the Sonoma Coast State Park.  This first photo is looking south.

I noticed something, that kinda funny green streak running vertical, about the middle of the photo above. Sony zoomed:

More zoom, stairwells to no where.

To me, it appears that this green tarp is to try to keep more of the hillside from sliding away.

From another vantage point:

Pilings, where once structures stood, and some of those pilings are sliding down the hill!  Mother Nature IS the ultimate force.

As we drove south on 1, I was able to take these photos "from the scene":

The pilings from the road side, standing in solitude, holding nothing but memories.

I have no idea if this damage was the result of a storm, or if the land just slid away.  I do know that there were some lives affected in a dramatic way.



C&J said...

I find I'm fortunate my camera has a zoom feature; it has become my binoculars, allowing me to see things I might have passed over without it's magnification.

Had you not had Sony, your initial image of the cove would have been lovely; but the ability to zoom in and give us a totally different dynamic to what we were seeing is thought provoking.

Thanks for seeing (and sharing) this scene in a different way.

Carol said...

Thanks for your kind comments C & J. Yes, Sony Too. I do believe we think alike, Zoom allows me to see the world a bit closer, to inspect deeper.