Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dated. Out it Goes. It IS Time.

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

I have been cleaning files.  Some really need cleaning, they are 10, 15 and more years old.  I am a genie-pack rat.  Guilty as charged.  I have hit my personal wall, no more, the old stuff just HAS to go.

I think you can see why - -

Ya, really - -

(But the yorkie jar STAYS!)

These were full of CD's.  They are empty now.  The CD's were shredded.  Gone - -

Now, what to do with the cases?

This pile will be going away, not trash.  Files going to a new home.  To a new care taker.

I have filled 4 or 5 bags of trash, 2 just of shredded stuff.  I gave the grandtwins a HUGE pile of scratch paper and have another pile of scratch accumulated.

Yes, it IS time. And yes, there is more to go.  And, nope, I will not get it done this week, or even this month. But, everything done and gone, never has to be dealt with again.

Tis good - -


1 comment:

Barbara Poole said...

Loved my CD case with all the colorful CDs. How come your aren't organized by color? Kidding.
It was fun to look back Carol. Now, you'll have to find something to put in that space.