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THERE'S Patsey! It Has Been a LONG LONG Search

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First of all, right off the top, I did NOT find Patsey, a distant cousin did.  Thanks James, over and over and OVER again!

At times during the research process you end up working from two or more perspectives.  That is what happened with Patsey.  I recorded her as the daughter of John and Mary "Molly" Darden.  I was actually working on the lineage of Charles Darden, found his parents and his siblings.  Recorded same.

In other research, researching the Eley lines I recorded her as the wife of first John Marshall, and then Exum Eley.

For a few years now, I have felt that my ancestress, Martha "Patsey" Darden Marshall Eley was the Patsey in this family:

See, I have NO dates for Patsey, DAUGHTER of John and Mary "Molly".  I can tell you that I have no spouse for her either.  In fact, this is about all I have about Patsey, daughter of John and Mary "Molly", these few words in her text file:

"Unmarried at the time of her father's will being drawn, the date being 1809.  This daughter, Patsey, could be Martha "Patsey" Darden Marshall Eley.  Further research required".

Further research indeed.  Gotta say, tis a bit ironic that my suspected direct line ancestress has the least amount of information here, eh??  Figures!  It is a given in research, the one you want the most, is the one you have the least amount of information on, and is the one that is the hardest to find ANY THING on. Sometimes the rest of the clan information falls off the research "tree" faster than you can collect it.

I have great data on Martha Darden, WIFE/WIDOW of John Marshall, and WIFE/WIDOW of Exum Eley.

Trouble is, I could never connect Martha Darden (widow Marshall, widow Eley) with this Patsey daughter of John and Mary "Molly" Darden. Could NOT jump the chasm.

Along come the Chancery Cases at the Library of Virginia.  I have spent a number of pleasant research hours at this site and have downloaded some great stuff.

I did not, however, get to the cases that my cousin James told me about last night.  So much research to do, so little time, talk about skipping over the obvious.  SOOOO glad cousin James did NOT skip!  I verified the case numbers he referenced and off I went.  Here we go, the relationship laid out about as clear as you can get it for that early time frame.

I am more than satisfied that THIS Patsey is MY Patsey.

Glad to meet cha Patsey and FINALLY put you in the right sibling and parental group and with the correct hubbies and children.  I have some serious data base editing to do!

To the worshipful the Justices of Isle of Wight
County in Chancery sitting.

Humbly complaining shew unto the Court, your orators and oratrixes Ann Darden, George Hall and Polly his wife, late Polly Darden, Charles Darden, John Marshall and Patsey his wife late Patsey darden, Edmond Hall, Everitt Morris, and Peggy his wife, late Peggy Hall, William Hall and Merit Hall, the said William and Merit eing infants, are allowed to sue in their behalf the said John Marshal their next friend:  That a certain Molly Darden late of the County of Isla of Wight, the mother of your orators and oratrisces, and Grand Mother of the complts, Edmond Hall, Peggy Morris and the infants William and Merit Hall being possessed of and entitles to sundry slaves, and personal estate, duly ma??  and published her last will and testament in writing, bearing date on, or about the      day of     AD 182   and thereby after giving away a few dollars in primary legacies and directing her executor to


This is just a small part of the total Chancery case.  In fact, it is not even all of this page. But I have it ALL!  I  am only sharing a portion today.  I have a lot of linking and transcribing to do.

Did you hear that wall crashing??  Did you hear the happy dancing music and delighted giggles??  Is it permissible to feel like gloating, just a little.  Is it OK to feel vindicated.  I suspected the relationship for some time, and now, thanks to James, it is.  It IS!!!



* Martha "Patsey" Darden Marshall Eley's son Solomon B. Eley married the granddaughter of Charles Darden, Sallie.  Solomon and Sallie were first cousins one time removed.

** And, here is Martha tucked in nice and comfy with her siblings and parents!  See Carol smile!

***  Thanks to Judy G. Russell for corrections to the transcription.

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That is completely awesome.I love to hear about breakthroughs like this one on Patsey.

Barbara Poole said...

Gotta say, there is hope for people like me still trying to find somebody, right under our nose. You've got a great cousin, who is willing to share. Another thing, is Patsey a nickname for Martha, or was it unusual that she'd be called that? Good luck as you move into the next generation. Really good piece.

Carol said...

Thanks for reading and leaving comments, it is appreciated.

Barb, I believe Patsey is a common nickname for Martha. At least it is in the south in this time frame.

Jana Last said...


I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a wonderful day!