Wednesday, September 4, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Bodega Bay California

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On May 7, 2013 Man and I set off from Santa Rosa on another day trip/tour/circle of 65 miles. And, a good hunk of that was WEST COAST! OK, I love water, I love the ocean, water falls, ponds, lakes, and I do love the West Coast (the Pacific Ocean if you call it by it's proper name, but, since when have I been proper??)

The scenery along the way was green, a patch of water here and there, gentle rolling hills.  Nice stuff.

On the hit list for today is Bodega Bay, to start with.  We have that much of a plan.  Bodega Bay reports a populate of 1,077 in 2010.  If you click on the link there is a very cool map, showing the bay, the harbor, the Headwaters area, as well as the location of the Village.  This post will cover those areas, and a future post will cover, well, more stuff we did and saw. 

First stop, Doran Regional Park.  The park ranger was kind enough to allow us to drive through, if we promised not to stop.  We did not stop long, I promise.  Here is a boat entering the harbor via the jetties.

Spied this lovely and intriguing piece of sculpture, which I have been unable to net search any discoveries about so far.  Man would not let me run over and see if there was any signage, refer to the promise to not stop.

After our brief drive through, we stopped for lunch, had great seafood, of course. Then we headed over to Sonoma Coast State Park, Bodega Head.  My photos became a study of flowers and seagulls (they are over on Flora and Fauna) and beautiful blue water and spectacular rock formations.

The colors of the rock were stunning, black to tans.  Contrast, surf, shapes, all talking to me!

Looking north, beauty as far as the eye can see.

After shooting way too many shots of the same scene, we left and headed to town. We stopped at a pull off on the way out - - 

Don't forget to try to click on this for a larger image.

Docks and fishing necessities.

Boats in the harbor.   Water RV's??

Next we shall continue this day trip, up the coast.  We see some beautiful and some poignant scenes.



Jana Last said...

Oh, so pretty!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Love the coast. Water, waves, boats, crab pots and such. But my favorite pictures are of the flowers! They are crystal clear and SO pretty. Nicely done.