Sunday, May 19, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Morro Bay California, In The Evening, Left Coast FOUND!

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April 2, 2013

After setting up Tana and getting settled in a bit, we decided to go out and snoop around a bit in Morro Bay.  First order, find the Pacific, the left coast and actually SEE it.  Not go in it, not needing to touch it, just SEE it!

We were just a few short blocks from a public beach, so, off we went.  One of the first things I discover are ice plants (Carpobrotus edulis).  I will take LOTS of photos of ice plants over the next couple of months.

And, of course, there is sand, blowing sand.  It was windy and cold, something we will come to expect along the left coast.  When I blew this photo up on the computer, you could see the sand particles blowing, well, sorta!

This is Morro Rock.  It is either 576 feet tall, or 581 feet tall, depending on the web site you visit!  It is  a volcanic plug,  which is a "volcanic landform created when magma hardens within a vent on an active volcano."  Every time I saw Morro Rock it looked different, sometimes it was like below, covered in misty clouds and surrounded by mist and blowing sand.  Sometimes it was calm(ish) and there were no clouds or mist, clear as a bell, as they say.  Sometimes the mist and blowing sand would change the look constantly. And, that is the left coast surrounding it, lapping quietly (for now) at the base.

Yep, there is the left coast alright!  The Pacific Ocean.  My first ever visit, Man having been here years ago.  And, that is about as close as I got this breezy chilly evening:

After a brief, chilly walk on the beach, we decided to go investigate downtown, where I found lots and lots of purple flowers/bushes, Oh, My!  (Currently un-identified)

Thanks to friends Mina and Gini, it is:  Limonium - Statice, Sea Lavender or California Sea Lavender.

Here Sony Too and I capture Morro Rock again, as the sun is beginning to set, sending a golden glow about the rock.

We found a bar/restaurant right on the water, where we had a bit of refreshments:

The last photo of the night, as darkness surrounds Morro Rock, lights starting to twinkle in the distance:

We have arrived at the left coast.  And, I am in love!  I cannot get enough.  Man loves the hills and the mountains and I love the ocean.  And, the photo taking has just begun!



Gini said...

Beautiful, Carol . . . I love Morro Bay and Atascadero. The purple flowers are called "Statis" or "Sea Lavender" . . . you can dry them and they (almost)look as if they were fresh cut! Beautiful photos and great post!

Carol said...

Thanks Gini for the ID. And, thanks to friend Mina who emailed me the ID almost immediately after I posted this, but, I was in bed and too tired to come back here and acknowledge her efforts.

THANKS to all! I have such great friends.

Barbara Poole said...

It's nice to share in your excitement of seeing the Pacific Ocean. Those of us who lived or live near it might take it for granted, but it is always nice to see photos of it. Beautiful job capturing Morro Bay. (Now, can I also be a great friend, lol?)

Carol said...

Yes, Barbara, you may be a great friend, ohhh, you are already! LOL