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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Hearst Castle, The Gardens and Statutory

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April 4, 2013

In a prior post I shared some photos of the exterior buildings of Hearst Castle, lets have a look at the gardens now.  I have posted additional photos of the flora over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna, you will want to visit, you don't want to miss 11 more garden photos.

For the most part, let the photos speak for themselves:

The rose gardens were wonderful.  Roses in California are wonderful, oh, so are the rhododendron and the azalea and oh, all things flora.

The outdoor pool, the Neptune Pool:

You can see the roads coming up and going back down in this shot.  The sea mist was really rolling in this day.

Another view of the roads and the beautiful acres and acres surrounding this home.

Tennis courts:

And, below the tennis courts, same building, the indoor pool, the Roman pool:

There are many web sites (including the official one) that tell about the Hearst Castle, here is one aimed at cycling, with numerous photos from the California State Parks system.  Another site for more information (summary style) is of course, Wikipedia.

Not quite done, I'll show some interior shots soon.


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Barbara Poole said...

I'm speechless. It looks like you visited at the best time of the year to see all the flowering shrubs and plants. As usual your Flora site didn't disappoint, I loved your pictures.