Wednesday, May 29, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Riding the California 1 From Big Sur California to Morro Bay California

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April 5, 2013

About 90 miles, give or take, north of Morro Bay we stopped our northward trek and stopped for a break at the Big Sur California post office.  There were other businesses, stores, we found coffee (not hot, but, it was coffee) and some baked goods.  After a bit of a walk around, we headed Jolly south and began the trek back to Morro Bay.  We knew this would be a longer time, as the pulloffs were handy and I wanted to stop at many of them.

This A frame cottage sat way above the Pacific, what a view!

At one of the stops we found this fellow just sitting there all by his lonesome.  Waiting for his kid to come back for him??

I believe the purple flower is Pride of Maderia.  I am soooo in love, lots more photos of this, there are some more on Flora and Fauna.

Next two photos are a set.  Several sets today.  Fun to discover what is seen IF you zoom.  I zoom, I zoom a lot.  Sometimes too much, but, I do love zoom!

Looked like a divot in the photo above, zoom, and lo and behold, people and a great cave/hole for the water to crash into .

A long way down, dramatic. Zoom brings it closer without endangering ole Carol!

Another set:

An arch, isn't it great?

A set of three photos:

Actually I am not sure why I zoomed on this particular cove/black beach.  Look to the far right of this photo before going down to the next.

Super zoom, very hard to hold and get clear images, this one is pretty good tho.

In some places the roadway is quite close to the edge, and then it climbs so you get good, make that spectacular and dramatic views.

I love this, California poppies and these deep cuts, valleys of sorts, rocks jutting here and there.  Oh, what is NOT to love!?!

Another set:

This guy was sitting in a kayak sorta thing.  Suppose that means he took off  from the water or intends on landing in the water?

The shape of this land form sitting in the Pacific drew my attention.

Sea mist and long distances, hazy views, the things of dreams.

Some crashing waves, more rock outcrops, more black sand beaches, OK, outta descriptions!

A solitary wind surfer.  We would see more over the coming week or so, fascinating for a non-surfer, make that land lubber like me!

We will explore the coast almost every day, Sony Too and I got a work out.  I needed more time, lots more time!  There were some spots I could have stayed at all day, till dusk, shooting the same view over and over again as the light changed.  Sadly, we just did not have that kind of time.

The left coast, I have a love affair going - - come on back and I will show you LOTS more!



Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

OH. MY. GOSH! I am so freaking jealous! Wow, wow, WOW!

Carol said...

I know Lisa, and, I am so out of adjectives. Wow is what I hear coming out all the time, loud, long, continuous. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

my Heritage Happens said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos Carol! I think you love the coast as much as I do! ;-)

Joan said...

And us lefties (as in coast), welcome you and sony too. Looking forward to more.