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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Red Rock Canyon State Park, Near Mojave California

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March 18, 2013

Yes indeedy, I was hard up for color and yes indeedy, I found ANOTHER Red Rock Canyon.  Must visit if only BECAUSE of the name!

This one is on 14 north of Mojave California, just a few miles north of 58.  We stopped for 2 nights just to take in the canyon, of course, we found a bit more, but, the canyon was the reason for the stop.

Not many words this post, just glorious land forms, enough red to make me happy.

Yep, all white, but, the structure, the art work of Mother Nature and her rain machine - -

Yes, we took a hike, about a mile or so, in Hagen Canyon.  The canyon is named for a German immigrant, Rudolph Hagen, he mined in the area.  He eventually opened a diner with a bar, primitive lodging and a post office, his own private park.  He named many of the rock formations himself.

The contrasts ALWAYS leave me breathless.

The park is quite large, and we did not take Jolly off road, where they say there are some terrific things to see.  Between you and I, the forms you can see from 14 just driving through right by the Ricardo Campground and Hagen Canyon are so spectacular that I could have stood there for hours, never moved an inch and been totally delighted.  I guarantee these photos do not come close to portraying the beauty here.  Well worth the time to stop and see and experience.  If you happen along that way, even if you cannot spend a couple of nights, just drive north on 14 from 58, a few minutes of your time, worth it, so worth it!


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irisheyes jennifer said...

Extraordinary! The contrast in colour is amazing, as is the sheer scale of the formations. Carol, thank you for sharing these images.