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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Randsburg, California, Mining Town, Not Quite A Ghostown

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March 18, 2013

After leaving Red Rock Canyon State Park we drove north(east) on 14, then, southeast on 395 to Redrock Randsburg Road which we took southwest back to 14.  A circle (of sorts) of course, because going back the same way we came is not in our normal game plan.  We were told that a stop at Randsburg would be interesting, that was all the hook it took to get us to stop.

Along the way, we found the Billboards that were even mentioned on the state park map they gave us, really!

The drive is miles and miles of barren land, barely any scrub brush, no trees.  Water, our life blood, is frequently stored, we saw quite a few of these:

Per Wikipedia, the 2010 census recorded 69 souls calling Randsburg California home.  They lost a few souls since 2000 when 77 called Randsburg home.

We ate our lunch in Jolly, drove around a bit, walked around the local museum grounds (they were closed) and Sony Too and I found several photo ops, old mining equipment, signs and rusty artsy fun:

Above:  This is part of the Baltic 5 stamp mill.  Below, the rest of the story:

A mining town has lots of mining equipment:

Be still my heart, a ole rusty truck, I snapped my photo from the best vantage point I could get, there was another photographer there with a tripod working hard for a photo of this same truck.

Cannot resist old signs either:

And, in closing, what else would you expect in a mining town?

We headed back to camp, the next day we would head to Bakersfield for a couple of weeks.


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