Friday, May 3, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Mojave to Bakersfield, AKA, Beige to Green!

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March 19, 2013

After several months of beige, with a few dashes of red here and there, it is time to move even more further west, from beige to green, from Mojave to Bakersfield.

We will travel up to the Tehachapi Pass and come down into Bakersfield on 58.  The pass is known for its wind, we saw signs warning us of gusty conditions, and long 5 and 6 % grades.

You know there is gonna be some gusty wind, when you see wind mill farms, and a few Joshua Trees in front, and lookie, at least one is in bloom!  LOL

Fire, danger, sadness:

Always interesting to me, herds of cattle, manufacturing, sharing spaces.

Brush is now seen growing on the hills.  Can you imagine the view this home owner has?  Can we say WOW??

I spied these two tunnels, and several more, we will learn the story later during our stay in Bakersfield, stay tuned, it is pretty interesting.

Getting green and DOWN we go!

More green, more down!

And, down in the valley, crops, green, more green.

During the two weeks we spent in Bakersfield we were treated to the orange trees going from buds to full blooms to the flowers falling off the trees.  The bees were busy pollinating!  And, it smelled heavenly!

Sunsets through the orange trees were sweet too:


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