Saturday, May 25, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Hearst Castle, The Exterior

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April 4, 2013

Hearst Castle, on the bucket list.  Visits are by reservations for one (or all) of four tours. We did the Grand Rooms tour.  I wish we had the time, energy and $$ to do more, but, alas, one tour took our breath away, and we enjoyed it!

The castle sits high (HIGH!) on a hill (small mountain?).  This photo taken with much zoom from the visitors center.  Sony Too does not have enough ooomphh to get us any closer, and yes, this photo is out of focus.  Did I say the castle sits HIGH on a hill??

They bus you up to the castle.  The roadway is one way in many places, curvy, cut into the hillside in a manner to preserve views and show off the castle from different angles as you climb, climb, climb.  The bus does a great job of getting you up there, but, ohhhh, the urge to drive it yourself!  The bus lets you off at this stair well, rather grand, well, the entire castle is grand, and beautiful!

Front door:

I am sure they told us interesting facts about these cherubs, facts I no longer remember.  No matter, I can still appreciate!

Different views, all awesome, don't you think??

This was around "back".  The gardens back here were wonderful.

This is a "cottage", a separate residence.  For many, this would be a wonderful place to live, large, opulent, WOW!

And, how bout this for a view??  There was a bit of sea mist, but, some how, it is even more enchanting.

I'll share some more photos soon.  It was quite the experience.  A glance into the past, as only the rich can provide.



Barbara Poole said...

Super pictures. I'll never get there, so I can cross this Castle off my Bucket List and note that I saw it through your eyes. Many thanks.

Malia Lane said...

This is just amazing! The architecture, the view, everything! Thanks so much for sharing. This has definitely moved up on my bucket list now!

LindaRe said...

Beautiful photos, enjoyed the walk around.