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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Hearst Castle, The Interior

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April 4, 2013, Hearst Castle

Well, we have seen the outside photos, and the gardens and statuary, now a few inside photos.

No flash photos are allowed while you are inside the castle.  I put Sony Too to the test, as it is also somewhat dark in many of the rooms, many of my photos are blurred and dark.  I tried very hard to not capture other guests in my photos and have edited a few where someone just kinda showed up at the last moment.  Time to snap any given photo was of the essence and was fleeting at best.  Tough assignment, for which I barely received a passing grade.

Here are a few of the best photos.  The front "gathering" room, it's cocktail hour.

The ceiling in the front gathering room.  Carved wood.

The dining room, or the Refectory, as William named this room.  Silver, dishes, and regular ole ketchup and mustard jars.  Reported to be original jars.  Don't believe the ketchup is original tho!

The dining room ceiling. The ceiling is carved wood, the detail is amazing.

Ceiling in the billiard room, read about it on the official web site, it is 15th-century and it is Spanish.

And, yes, there is an elevator:

Morning room.  I found a virtual tour of this room while writing this post, the colors are beautiful, clearly they had better lighting situations than we did on our tour.  Please be warned this is a large file and takes some time to open up for viewing.

Wall decoration in the home theater:

They showed some home movies of William Hearst and guests.

It was interesting getting a look into William Hearst's home.  It was also over whelming.  It was just so HUGE!


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Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Thanks for taking me along again! Very interesting! Way too 'fancy' for my taste, but very interesting!