Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tire Blowout Followup

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We stopped back in Santa Rosa California (as we are heading north on the 101) to deal with the blown out tire out issue.

The old blown tire, the build date, 12th week of 2008.  So, we have about 2 years left on the recommended lifetime.  They say do not use them for more than 6 years, no matter how many miles.  New tires dated 5th week of 2013.

America's Tire in Santa Rosa, CLAP CLAP CLAP!  They were outstanding.  They are part of the Discount Tire group, where we purchased the tires.  Purchased at Discount because they have so many stores nation wide.  A decision we were happy with then, and still are.

We ended up with 2 new tires.  Our spare was involved in a recall.  The blown tire was also replaced at a nominal fee.  The jury is still out on any reimbursement for damage to Tana.

The 2 new tires are on the back axle, that way you have equal tread on the same axle.

The spare tire is now the one that was on the rig and behind the blown tire.

Man took an opportunity not usually available, while those two tires were off to do a repair under Tana, in between the tires.  He just could not reach it with the tires on.  Always thinking, good job Man!

And, with new tread and a spare- - we are OFF! and ROLLING!

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