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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Kern County Museum, Bakersfield California

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Graphics heavy post.  That's the warning!  But, you know you don't wanna miss this!  Carry on, err, read on!

March 27, 2013

Kern County Museum, 3801 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, California.  Now, I cannot remember ever giving a full street address for the places we visit.  I just did now tho.  This is one VERY special museum, put on the sunscreen, your walking shoes, grab your camera of choice, a hat and let's go!  The Kern County Museum is a 16 acre site with more than 70 restored historical buildings!  Plus there is the Lori Brock Children's Discover Center (cannot tell you more than the name, we did not have time nor energy to visit this corner of the 16 acres).  And, there is a HUGE exhibit "Black Gold: The Oil Experience".

I took over 360 photos during our visit to the museum.  I have chosen a few (really, ONLY a few) of my favorites to share.  There are all sorts of buildings, representing everything from churches, to doctor and dentist offices, photography studios, homes, banks, pretty much everything a town would need is represented in this outstanding collection of buildings and artifacts.

This is the Lopez Hill House, I'm totally enchanted!

A word or two of explanation.  This is a room from the house above.  We had no access to the interiors of any buildings.  They all had locked doors or glass enclosures where you could look in but, not gain access to the artifacts.  I worked hard to get photos, many have glare and or reflections.  The day's shoot also taught me a few tricks.  I know you will forgive the few photos that have some glare or lights shining back at me.

From the interior of the Barnes Log Cabin, built around 1868.

From the interior of the Pinkney House.  Love that rocker!

From the Weller House.

From the Weill House:

The drug store, what an extensive collection of bottles.  LOVE!

From the Doctor's office, an early X-Ray machine.  Really!

From an indoor exhibit:

And, yes, they had an Undertaking Parlor, and, yes, I did have to take a photo of the coffins.  Fascinating, especially to the researcher part of me.

Blacksmith shop:

The General Store, catch the price of a new Stetson??

Now that you have seen just a small sampling of this fine collection, don't you think you should pay a visit next time you are in Bakersfiled? Yea, I do too!

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