Tuesday, May 21, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Pismo Beach, California

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April 3, 2013

After driving Jolly on the beach at Oceano Dunes, it was time for lunch and a wee bit of snooping around at the beach of Pismo Beach.

So, that lunch issue, solved here, at Pismo Beach Fish & Chips.  The seafood was to die for.  Just up the street a few blocks people were standing in long lines to eat lunch.  Really, we just walked in, sat down and had a fab meal.  I really don't know how it could have been any better up the street, and all that standing in line??  No thanks.  I am over that standing in line thing, unless it cannot be helped.

We then went back to Jolly, got the fur kids, and camera and went for a walk to the beach and the pomenade area.  Time to people watch.  There were actually quite a few people on the beach in swim suits and such.  MMM, brrrrrr??

Then, there was this guy and his dog.  I know there was a story here, oh, for the time for a long interview.

And, after the dog had a bit of a run and some exercise, his owner loaded him onto the front of the bike and away they went:

A bit further down the board walk and promenade we were asked to take a photo of a gal, her mother and their fur kids, which we did for them.  Then, they offered to take our photo.  Now, you all know how I feel about being IN the photo, but, I had on a hat and my glasses were dark - - Oh, you will note, we had on warm clothes, no swimsuit weather for us!  Ohhh, and remember the mom, she will return to Reflections!

Being a resident of a state where we have cold temps, often freezing ones, you just have to know I am enjoying finding flowers, colorful flowers, growing when normally there would be nothing but perhaps a leaf budding out on the crab apple tree at home.  YES YES YES!!

And, under the foliage, we find momma nesting:

We walked around for a while longer and when we finally decided we were chilly enough, we headed back to Jolly and turned our noses north.  We will follow this route for weeks to come (with a short trip back east to visit Yosemite)!  Yea for 101 and 1!

But, the day is not over, we make a few more stops and see a few more things - -


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