Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Annual Christmas Letter, Annoying and Now Digital

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Yes, I am one of those annoying friends that used to send you annoying Christmas letters in my holiday cards.


Since 2009, I have become either more or less annoying, depending on your view of blogging, digital holiday greetings and of course, annoying Christmas letters.

(Yep, that's me!)

I'll even be more annoying by giving you the links to prior posts here on Reflections that cover the annoying holiday letters - -

(Yep, I will!)

2009 (The history.)

2010 (I was not the first to write holiday letters.)

2011 (Full octane annoying holiday letter, digital style.)

I will refrain from giving you a lot of links back to any number of holiday posts, stockings, meals, cookies, decorating, trees, I have a number of posts.  If you are really interested and have lots of time on your hands, you can use that search block in the right hand column, grab your drink of choice, a holiday cookie, and read away.

(I must be mellowing, refraining like that - - - NAHHH!  LOL)

My tree in Tana, taken in 2010.  

So, here goes the abbreviated version of the annoying holiday letter, version 2012:

Regular readers will know we are on the road again, this time I am calling the trip, a very original type name,   THE Trip, THE Encore'.  We started out about November 1st, traveled the Natchez Trace, visited, New Orleans, New Iberia, Galveston, Fredericksburg, Big Bend National Park, Fort Davis area, a quick stop in Las Cruces, the Tombstone Arizona area and are now in Tucson for a month for the holidays.  So far it has been a delightful trip.  Our friends J & D are traveling in their beautiful Motorhome with their border collie.

With bated breath I tell you that the 2 fur kids are hangin' in there (Cappy has had a rough week, I fear he is exhibiting signs of kidney failure like Tilly did just before we lost her).  Living with seniors is a challenge, we are thankful for each additional day they share with us.

Our children and grands are our anchors, our delights.  We do miss them while we are on the road, and profess that we believe that Skype was developed just for us!  There are times when we just cannot connect via Skype, but we do so enjoy it when the net is fast!  WOOT!

2012 has also been one of loss for us, several family members and friends have passed, we miss them so much.  We know they are with their Maker, this knowledge gives us peace.

If you have a burning desire to know too many details of our lives in 2012, may I suggest that you start reading, there are 248 posts, give or take, so far here on Reflections for 2012.

(Yes, I suggested that !  LOL)

I think I will end this 2012 holiday version of the annoying holiday letter with a quote from my 2011 version, which is heart felt and hopefully not annoying to you my friends and readers:

Man and I wish you and yours a peaceful, wonderful holiday season and a hugely successful year in 2013.  May your wheels (for our RVing friends) roll you to places yet unexplored.  May your brick walls (for my genie friends) come tumbling down.  

May your family be happy.  May your souls find peace.

Love and Peace to All

Man and Carol

* From now till Christmas I will refrain from trip posts, I have posted some photos of holiday lights and some other "fun?" things.  THE Trip, THE Encore' reports will return sometime after Christmas Day.

(You have been warned!  LOL)


Karen said...

And a very blessed Christmas to you and yours, Carol!!

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Love the little tree Carol!! A very merry and blessed Christmas wish to the four of you!

Cynthia Shenette said...

Boy, will I envy you your tree when I finally get around to taking mine down sometime in March! ;)

Merry Christmas, Carol!