Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Trip,The Wagontracks, Superior Arizona

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During our desert rat wanna-be trip with friends Bob, Mina and Mina's cousin, Debbra, we got another special treat.  Debbra knew how to find the "Wagontracks", deep ruts in the desert floor left by years of wagon trains hauling ore from the Silver King Mine.  There is a in depth report about the tracks on this web page. According to this web page the wagon road crossed a large deposit of welded volcanic tuff.  The word "tuff" refers to a type of rock that is the result of a volcanic eruption.  Again, referring to a Wikipedia page, there is a lot of information, most of which is a bit beyond this gal's understanding of volcanoes and rock on this page.

We followed the sign, back a ways, off to one direction, and back some more, and there they were, deep ruts in the rock like desert floor.  Pretty awesome!

Deep, you can see Man's lower legs and feet,
compare, I'll bet the rut at this point was well over 12 inches.
And, LONG, this is just a small section.
A fun and interesting little side trip.  History everywhere in the desert, we enjoyed discovering this "rut" of it.


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Michelle Goodrum said...

Whoa! Now that is wild!