Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life, Treat, It's Not About the Beer, Tis All About the "Bro's"

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This weeks challenge at Sharing a Slice of Life is about "Treat", "write about the treats" of our lives.  

There are lots of treats I could share, like the memory of my Grandmother, Minnie, rocking me when I was but a wee bit of a child.  That surely was a treat for me.

But, I kept going back to this beer and the "Bro's" memory.  Let me say, first up, the story is not really about the beer, the beer is just one example of the "Bro's" relationship and what their relationship means to me, their Mom (and their dad, Man).

Yep, the "Bro's" are our three sons, Son # 1, Son # 2 and Son # 3.

Some of my readers may remember that Son # 3 got married this summer.  It was a beautiful summer garden wedding, simple but oooo, so elegant, and just what the bride and groom wanted.  Doesn't get any better.

OK, so, this beer thing, Carol, what is that all about, you my faithful readers ask??

Son # 3 wanted brewed beer as part of his wedding meal/drinks.  The "Bros" all enjoy beer.  "Usually," Mom, says snickering, "expensive beer".  Somewhere along the line, the "Bro's" started brewing their own, experimenting, I hear the current brew is double chocolate something or other.  Hmmmm, that sounds interesting.

So, back to that wedding.  Son # 3 wanted a Belgian wheat (with orange peal and some other ingredients to give it a different kick, errr, taste).  So, as part of the preparations for the wedding, the "Bro's" gathered one morning several weeks before the wedding, and Belgian wheat beer with orange peal they did brew.

As I stated earlier, the beer is not the important part of my "Treat" story.  What is important is that they did it together, like so many other things they share, camping, family outings, family celebrations, carrying their grandmother to the grave, three brothers (the "Bro's"), getting along, sharing, laughing, crying together.  Don't get me wrong, they don't get along all the time, they disagree about things, issues.  But, when it really counts, they band together, stand together.  This means more to Man and I than I can describe, our three sons, the "Bro's", not at odds with each other, but supportive of each other, friends.

You see, it is that GETTING ALONG thing that is such a treat to Man and I.  Our three sons, the "Bro's" sharing a slice of life, and now and then, a glass of home brewed beer.

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**My apologies to my readers who do not partake, and please note, it is NOT about the drink, it is about the "Bro's".


Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

Great post, Carol. As a Mom to three sons, I can relate to your " treat" and find that The Bro's GETTING ALONG is also a blessing in my life. Cindy

IrishEyesJG said...

A beautiful post that brought a tear to my eye. What a great job you and Man have done raising your sons so that they do "band together". Wonderful. Cheers to you, Man, and the "Bros"! Jennifer

TennLady said...

But a Belgian Wheat - YUM!

Trent Stevens said...

All true... and I gotta say, that was a tasty wedding brew. It brought a personal touch to our wedding, and kept it real. My brothers like many others helped to make our wedding costs low while adding to the feeling of community that we wanted. I still have a 12 pack of the brother/wedding brew hidden for a special occasion! Thanks for the memories mom.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Nothing touches the joy of watching your kids work, laugh & celebrate together. But all that AND a scrumptious home brew (my personal fav, at that). Wow. You done good, Carol. See if you can't tuck a couple bottles away for The Trip.

lindalee said...

This says something very positive about your parenting that are also friends. Congratulations

Texasblu said...

This is such a beautiful post! You are right - what a wonderful, wonderful treat. :)

Grandma MG said...

Love this post, Carol! This is so true! Thanks for sharing your memories!!!