Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday, Henry Gerth & Emma Koch

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Henrich (Henry) Peter Gerth and Emma Louise Sophie Henriette Koch were married at Sebewaing, Huron County, Michigan on 10 Dec 1903.

The following 2 graphics show their marriage record as found at FamilySearch.Org  (Note, I used the old search labs to obtain the image. I could not  locate it at the Beta version.)  I have edited the image by cutting the record into page 1 and page 2.  I also cut all the other records out of the image, leaving only the headers and our happy couple on the page.  Remember, click on the image for a larger version, click your back button on your browser to return to Reflections.

Photo of the wedding party, from left to right:  witnesses standing, from left to right:  Catherine Gerth; Edward Gerth, unknown, John Gerth (or possibly Peter Gerth); last two unknown.  Identification by family members, I am not certain the identifications are correct.  Emma has 4 younger sisters and 2 brothers, one who is older than she and one who is younger.  The unidentified ladies could easily be her sisters.  Ernest Koch who is a witness is most likely her younger brother, could he be this young gentleman on the far right of the photo?

Seated, are our groom, Henry Gerth and his bride, Emma Koch.

Henry is Man's grand uncle.  Thanks to the family members who provided this wonderfully preserved photo and the identification of at least some of the people represented.



IrishEyesJG said...

An extraordinary photograph! The bride looks very relaxed; the groom looks a little nervous. Thank You for sharing it with us. Cheers! Jennifer

Nolichucky Roots said...

What a fabulous picture! I love the veil over what looks to be a colored gown rather than the white our modern eyes expect to see and the Gibson Girl hairstyles. Such fun to see.