Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life, Trick

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Sharing a Slice of Life, this week, challenges us to


Guess who??

Dorothy and her Lion, 1971

What a "trick" it was to get costumes made in Morocco.   What a "trick" it was to get the Lion to wear his costume!  LOL

* Wish Dorothy was still that skinny!  LOL

** Ya, I know, the challenge was to "write about the tricks in our life".  Many of our "tricks" cannot be discussed here in a public forum, and honestly, at the moment, the memory banks are empty.  So

Trick, errrr, Treat!


Barbara said...

What a beautiful smile! Cute lion costume too.

Texasblu said...

Oh my Gosh - I LOVE this! It gave me such a laugh - it's perfect for the prompt! =D

hummer said...

I love the picture. Must be a great memory.

Anonymous said...

hmm - I can't place the guy with the whiskers :-) Jo