Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday, Dad's Baby Doll

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

This small baby doll complete with it's own cradle belonged to my father.  The cradle measures 8 inches long, 4 inches high and 4 inches wide.  At one time I had engaged the work of an local doll maker to repair the babie's head.  The woman did not get the work done, and after a year or so, confessed that she just could not accomplish it for me, as she was giving up that part of her life.  So, the doll remains as it was when my father gave it to me a number of years ago, with the appearance of much play, and a poor attempt at repair.  Wish I knew the back story on the cracked head (which actually has a hole in the side).


Barbara said...

I think it still looks to be in pretty good shape, and probably means more now, since it is how your father last saw it. Did he have sisters? I'm wondering why a doll, did boys play with them?

Nancy said...

At first I thought it was unusual that your father had a doll and then I remembered that I have several photographs of my father as a very young boy holding dolls.

Your father's is beautiful. I think it's amazing that it's survived over the years. Don't know when your father was born so don't know how many years it's "lived," but it looks like it could be at least 70 or 80 years old. Is it porcelain?

Carol said...

Barbara, my father was an only child.

Nancy, it is really surprising it survived as it had to have gone through any number of hurricanes and who knows what else. I would estimate that the doll was made in the late 1920's to early 1930's. The head, not sure, could be a composite?? But, it is thin, and poreclain-like.