Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Stick Built Projects

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(Written several weeks ago, before our MOC Rally, just getting around to posting.  Must have been having too much fun at the Rally!  LOL)

Man and I have been having some outside work done here at the stick built.  We have been fighting Mother Nature's drippy attitude and her conflicts with the painter we hired.  We finally did get the dry days required (minimum of 4 in a row) and the painter showed up.  But, due to some rotted wood (not found until the painter was hired) the painting will not be finished till next year.  In any event, here is the front of the house before:

Here goes the rotten wood, entire railing needs replacing.

A wagon full of new spindles.

And, with the new railings installed, they must "dry" over the winter, isn't it an attractive look??  (Sarcasm dripping here.  LOL)

So, next spring, after a season of wood drying/curing, the dark red will become Dewberry and the kinda coral pinkish doodads will be painted Cyclamen.  (It took a village of friends on Facebook to choose the colors, thanks.  I tried to photograph the paint chips, the Dewberry, which is a very dark purple, looked royal blue, so I tried a little photo enhancement, well, that didn't turn out well either, so, you are just gonna have to wait till next summer to see.)

We also had the back deck painted.  Part of that process also involved removing some bad balustrades.  We actually added one balustrades between all the originals, in effect, doubling the number, this is the new "yorkie" control mechanism, they cannot escape through those new small openings. Again, with all that new wood, we will have to wait till spring to finish the painting.

So, sometime next spring/early summer, this project is scheduled to be finished.  I'll try to remember to post photos of the finished projects.


Southwest Arkie said...

Can't wait to see the new colors! Sorry about the rotten wood. There is always something to go wrong when starting new projects.

Mary said...

A tip on trying to remember to post pictures next summer: As I think of things that I would like to write about I will start a post, titling it with the reminder words, a few words in the post and then 'schedule' it for next year your case approximately the time you will finish the job. Then save it in draft form. Now every time you go to write a post you will be reminded of it. I've got about 20 in 'cue' for me, hope it help you!

Carol said...

Thanks Mary, I just love that part of Blogger too!!