Sunday, October 24, 2010

Victorian Halloween, Walker Tavern, Cambridge Junction, Michigan

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Walker Tavern, which I have written about before, is packed full of history and they run great programs during the spring, summer and fall.  Man and I have taken the twins, L & M, there on several occasions, they have attended a Victorian Tea, a Pioneer Cooking Day, and several other activities.  The staff does a outstanding job, teaching, hands on, real life stuff.  Reasonably priced, this is a gramma and grampa saver and education all rolled into one.  Win-Win.

Over the weekend, Man and I took the girls to the Victorian Halloween celebration at Walker, rain threatened, but never damped, the temps were quite moderate and we had a great day, visiting each and every single display and partaking of all.

We made decorated bags for our candy, we painted pumpkins, made dolls from corn husks, tried to catch an apple dangling from a rope (no using of one's hands allowed), had our fortunes told, had popcorn that was popped over an open fire, colored and cut out these really curly snakes and listened to some scary stories.  See:

The way I remember the symbols: 
Water = travel; flower = good luck;
ring = marriage; cross = service as nun or priest;
penny = fortune.

Is this story lore or lies??

Man's snake has "different" eyes, eh??

Trick er Treat ?

Happy Halloween!



Michelle Goodrum said...

Sounds like a lovely day. It brings back nostalgic memories of fall activities with our former wee ones! Thanks for the memories as they say.

Uh oh, I may feel another stop at a roadside pumpkin stand coming on! haha

Apple said...

What a fun event! I'm glad you didn't let the threat of rain keep you home.

TennLady said...

Is someone wearing bat wings? I remember attending a Halloween party and doing the apple, hung from a string on a basement clothes line. Tricky.

Carol said...


That is supposed to be some kind of a witch costume, not sure what that "wingy" looking thing was. Maybe turn it up to make a stand up collar type affect??

Michelle, if that roadside stop results in more fab photos, I wanna see!

Apple, I won't melt, and neither will Man or the twins. We were brave enough that we did not even carry an umbrella! LOL

Karen said...

Walker Tavern looks like a great place to visit - has Man's snake been drinking?? Your granddaughters are sure adorable, and your pictures have gotten me in the Autumn Mood!

hummer said...

Love it. Looks like you all had a wonderful making family memory day. The apple was great, Man was a real sport. The twins are just beautiful.