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Tell Me About Yourself, Clues Inscribed In Stone

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The Graveyard Rabbits carnival for November 2010 has a theme of "Genealogy On The Tombstone", the challenge continues:

"Does the tombstone tell a family history? Have we found some genealogy clues embedded in stone? Is there a brick wall breaker located in the cemetery? Show us the genealogy."

Thank you Diane Wright for suggesting this theme/challenge.  Diane writes several blogs including The Grave Yard Rabbit Travels Wright.

I know that all serious graveyard rabbits/cemetery visitors have seen literally hundreds of headstones, monuments and memorials with tidbits of clues.  Marriage dates inscribed in a heart in the middle of the stone.  Children's names.  It is quite common to find an inscription which includes the wife's maiden name, as well as the name of her husband. 

Here are three, all of these from my data base, therefore, kin of some sort of mine or Man's.

Above:  Lina L. Cameron
Daughter of
Wm. A. & Nancy D. Lassiter
April 20, 1892
Oct 24, 1964
Buried at:  Cedar Hill Cemetery
Suffolk, Virginia.

(Note:  I have no idea why I chose this stone in include in this post, because until I started writing this post, I had NO idea who Mr. Cameron was.  I decided to try a search at FamilySeach.Org.   Typed in Lina Wright (I knew she was married previously to a Otis Wright) and Cameron for the spouse's name, received 45,851 hits, but the first one, the VERY first one was for my gal.  I just love when this happens!  WAHHOO!  Now, I can do some research on John Maccullay Cameron, born 1878 in Canada.  I even have his parents names!  BINGO!  So, if you believe in fate, it was fate that I chose THIS stone to include in this post.  I created a memorial for Lina at Find A Grave in August 2010.)

Elzina S. Lashbrook
Aug 1, 1874
Jan 12, 1944
Chester C. Lashbrook
Oct 22, 1871
Mar 14, 1954
Parents of Goldie Herbert
Farmers of this community for 50 years.
Buried at: Parker Cemetery,
Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas

Chester and "Zina" were married in Cowley County, Kansas.  They appear on the census in 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 in either Cowley County, Kansas or Kay County Oklahoma (which lies just south of Cowley County).  Chester's parents, Elzina's parents and Chester's brother are all buried in the Parker Cemetery.  I love how this stone gives their daughter's married name.  If I had not known who she was, it would be a great hint.  Chester has a memorial at Find A Grave, which I have been honored to maintain, thanks to Judy Mayfield for creating it and adding great photos.  (Note:  THIS photo is one I took, the photo on Find A Grave is one that Judy took.) There are links on his memorial to that of his wife and their parents.

Holsinger Cemetery
David From Germany
Michael Died 1819 Married Barbara in Germany
Peter Died 1855 in his 83rd Year  His Wife Elizabeth
Acres from Valentine Sevier
Aug 15, 1773
Blessed Are
The Pure
In Heart
Holsinger Family Farm
Holsinger Springs, Rockingham County, Virginia

This may be my favorite, as it is loaded with clues, err, data. I wrote about this cemetery before, as 4 generations of my ancestors are probably buried here.  This small cemetery is found on a quiet hill top with cattle grazing around.  This memorial stone, erected many years after the last burial here, tells us that the family was from Germany, and purchased the farm from Valentine Sevier*, and outlines the first 3 generations of Holsingers in America.  Great information to start researching with.  The Holsinger Family Cemetery can also be found at Find A Grave, I have added photos where I had them. One of the memorials added to the cemetery listing I have no information on, I see more research questions calling my name.

Yes, our genealogy can be and is carved in stone, and with any luck it is more than dates. 

See ya in a cemetery soon, I'll be looking for inscribed hints, won't you?

* Fun Note:  Valentine Sevier is reportedly the son of John Sevier, who would serve as the first governor of the state of Tennessee.



PalmsRV said...

Lots of interesting information, especially the Sevier connection on the tombstone.

Nolichucky Roots said...

I keep hoping our lines will cross paths - and they probably do in Rockingham County. But when you start waving around Sevier references you really get my interest. I'm going to have to review the VA information for my clan.

Great post.

lindalee said...

Your great post is pushing me to flip through my photos for a couple of info in stone ideas. I wonder if I still have time to post???

Greta Koehl said...

The Sevier connection also got my attention - ever since we were in Knoxville last August. Interesting person and family.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Outstanding post Carol!! You found terrific family information!