Friday, October 8, 2010

Frazzled Friday Here at Reflections, Carol is a BIT Cranky Today

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Finishing up another volume of the Burial series of Lenawee County, Blissfield Township.  Pushing to get to the printer (40 some miles away) and proofed and approved and printed before the end of the month.  Not as easy as that sounds, last book took well over 5 weeks, 2 proofs, both had errors, one mine, one not.

That post back up project is plugging along, and after carefully snooping around in Word (I still DO NOT like that program), I found a way to get the buff background color off the copy/pasted files.  Looks nice that way, so I might redo the 60 or so files already done with the buffy color.  Also have decided to put all comments on a seperate page, so if I want to link a file to someone in my data base, I can decide if I want the comments or not.  If not, I ditch that page, resave the file with a new name, link to RM (RootsMagic) and it is a done deal.

New phone, 2 days old, will not turn on.  Seems I can take calls, but, cannot make them or do anything else. Smart phone, smarter than me, knows how to keep me OFF the system, unless I do a  soft reboot.  Making me snarly, as does all technology that does not work the way I THINK it should!  LOL

And, we still wonder, just a little, is our air card grandfathered in, with no 5 gig limit, OR NOT!?!  We call the service provider and get a different answer almost every time.  And,  to the last two people who stated we are grandfathered in, we HAVE YOUR NAMES!!!  And,  I have screen shots from last months useage charts online.  So much fun, one day, 4,300,000 bytes and the next day ZERO bytes used.  Next day, 4,500.000 bytes used.  What a roller coaster of fun that is. Geeshh.

Off to a local cemetery in a few hours, photo op, local paper, hope the article promotes the Lenawee County Family Researchers ongoing Burial Book project more than someone we know who gave the phone interview the other day.  GULP!  LOL

Working on winterizing the yard, semi-winterizing Tana (we hope, well, more on that later).  Garage is cleaner than it has been in several years, we can see the floor!  WOW.  Pole barn, forget it, it is what it is.  I am trying to clean paper piles and such in the stick built.  One day it feels like I made some progress, the next day, what happened overnight??  My trash cans are full, where is all this stuff coming from??

Our doctor is moving OUT of the county because of some legal smegal crud his "group" is enforcing.  For now, we are staying with him, because we like him, have faith in him and don't want to change at this moment.  Frustrating.  Gonna have to drive 45 minutes now to visit instead of 10.  SIGHHH

So, Reflections is a tad frazzled on Friday, and now I am off to conquer the frustrations and life!  Watch out, it might get ugly!  Surely will get interesting!  Here I come!

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Nolichucky Roots said...

And people wonder why we sometimes prefer our dear departed? My money's on you though.

The Word info has been super helpful btw. Linking PDFs to files has been a godsend in my efforts to write rather than simply record.

Karen said...

Oh, yikes. I need to buy a new phone. You're scaring me! Oh, no, wait a minute - I'm already scared, which is why I haven't done it yet. We must have the same service provider - 1 question, 10 answers.

Just hang on, and remember that after Frazzled Friday comes Serene Saturday!! :)

Carol said...

Update on my day! LOL

Photo op went well, got some hints from the photographer as a bonus! WAHHOO

Phone, is turning on. I found how to do soft re-boots, think there was some email jamming it up, ditched that specific email, another soft re-boot and it has been working just fine since. Silly thing! LOL

Found that if you take the stylus out of the little holder area the phone turns on (Man found that little goodie). Who knew? Not Carol! LOL

Anyway, Karen, that Serene Satuday sounds good to me! LOL

TennLady said...

Yeah, I was thinking today was making me Freaked out Friday.

Carol said...


Is there a full moon?? New moon?? Your day sounded frazzled to me.

Greta Koehl said...

Why I have never been an early adopter. And husband doesn't understand why I have zero patience with technology that won't work.