Monday, October 11, 2010

THE (Proposed and Hoped For) Trip, The Trip of a Lifetime

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Man and I have long wanted to travel west. You know, like west of I 35, the Oklahoma City to Austin Texas I 35. We have been to Vegas a few times via airplanes, saw the Grand Canyon, rafted from the Hoover Dam down the Colorado River (WOW to these experiences!).

Above, a map indicating the states we have camped in while
owning Tana.  We have visited Florida and many of the
states in the NE, such as New York, Maine, Massachusetts,
in prior RV units.  However, you can see, the western states
are just begging for a visit.

However, we want to travel west of I 35 WITH Big Butt and Tana. We have tried for several years to do this trip, Arizona, Utah, maybe Salt Lake City for the researcher gal in me, places west of I35. However, life and old age and medical issues just keep providing stumbling blocks for us. It is not something we accept readily, but, truth is, we are getting older and have had to deal with some of those issues.

This winter, God willing, the creek don't rise and the doctors bless us, we hope to finally do this dream trip. I have started calling it THE Trip. As, in the ultimate, THE trip of a lifetime. Tana’s new brakes are part of the preparations we are slowly making to have THE Trip happen.

Over the next few weeks we will re-examine everything currently packed in Tana, some items will come out, others may take their place. We will be spending hours gutting and then re-packing Tana. We are approaching this daunting task with the words, “think out of the box”, attempting new and creative storage possibilities. Long term goals will be: reduce the weight and make items more easily accessible, therefore more useable. I am even re-thinking where I store the coffee pot during travel days.

We also will start actively deciding where we actually will try to visit. Up till now, this has been a foggy distant dream, but now we will need to firm up some ideas, and bring our thinking into the reality zone.

Man has a long, very long, list of chores around the stick built to complete before departure. I have a long list too, I hope it is realistic, if not, it will be what it will be. If we get to roll I will either take some of my “list” with me, or leave it here for our return, sometime in 2011!

So, I guess you know where I will be spending a lot of time for the next month or so, creatively re-packing Tana and doing trip research (burning up lots of air card bytes along the way! LOL)

I am cautiously optimistic, still a little gun shy of believing it will really happen.

THE Trip, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think??

*Been sitting on this post for well over a week, past history of hoped for trips that have had to be postponed have me a bit gunshy on talking about this.  But, Man purchased a small generator this week, an indication that this is getting serious!


IrishEyes said...

Congratulations! It sounds amazing. I can't wait to see all the photos you'll shoot. THE TRIP, THE TRIP, THE TRIP! If all of us together just keep thinking those two words and sending all our positive karma your way it will happen! Cheers! Jennifer

TennLady said...

Fingers crossed.

Mary said...

You can do it! We are hoping to take a trip east next RV tho. We want to be gone during June and July (when I'm not working and when it's VERY HOT in Phoenix). I'll be keeping an eye on your blog for any little tips I can pick up...we've never done anything like this for more than 2 weeks.

Apple said...

Good luck and safe travels!

Nolichucky Roots said...

Sounds fabulous! With all of us raining down positive thoughts and sending up positive prayers you may as well start packing. When you get to AZ don't miss Karchner Caverns ( ). Amazing.

J.M. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you may go on THE TRIP and have it be the best trip ever!

Greta Koehl said...

I'll add my positive thoughts to those above. As my husband and I get older we are realizing that the time to take those dream trips is now.

Carol said...

Thank you all, I feel all that positive energy.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of reducing the weight you tow is commendable. You will get better mileage and the mountain towing will be much easier. Our map is the opposite of yours.. the east is empty!! Guess we will have to work on that too. Sending more positive thoughts. You can do it. Myrna

Southwest Arkie said...

I'm excited for you! Happy Planning!

Barbara Poole said...

I had to read your comments. Everybody is so excited for you (don't forget, I emailed you), but really it will be wonderful if you can do it, and you CAN do it. I once put off a trip to China because I was worried about being sick....was healthy the entire time I would have been gone! Go with it.

Becky said...

Sending more positive vibes... you can do it! The West is a marvelous place. So much to see.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Sounds fantastic! I'll keep thinking positive thoughts for you. I can't wait til we leave :)