Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life, Get Into My Car

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Sharing a Slice of Life this week's subject is, "Get Into My Car".

Our cars seem to have their own life stories, don't they?  I had not given it much thought until I started reviewing photos of some of the cars that Man and I have owned.

There was the full sized station wagon that we owned sometime after 1980, it was our first SECOND car. Must fess up, I don't remember what kind of car it was or the year, but I loved it.  If I remember correctly, it gave Man fits mechanically and he ended up with bad memories of it.

There was the Opal Cadet we owned while we lived in Morocco, oh, now, that car has a long long list of memories. The accident that left its right side with a long scar.  The futon mattress from Japan that came with the car, we took that mattress back to the states with us after Man's tour of duty was over, even tho we sold the car and left it behind.  We drove it to Casablanca one afternoon, and some nice Moroccan gentleman tried to sell me hashish that was pinned to the inside of his coat, which he kindly showed me, asking, "Would you like some good hashish".  Could have been a porn movie, that whipping of the coat action.  Geeshh.  No thanks, I'll skip the hashish.  We even drove it to Volubilis to the Roman ruins, a day that we will never forget.  The history, the haunting beauty of the ruins.  Good stuff.

There was the 1986 Ford custom van.  We spent wayyyy too much $$ on it, we designed it ourselves, the color choices, the interior, the paint job.  We loved that van, lots of camping trips with that van.  Took it north for winter camping, took it to Tennessee where we took this photo.  I had a blast staging this photo, poor Man, he just could not understand my fascination with this water covered concrete bridge and HIS van, and the camera!  LOL Yes, this van is loaded with memories.

More cars, more stories, too many to write about.  Most of the memories and stories are good, but, there are a few scary and not so happy ones. 

And, then there is Big Butt, whose story is still unfolding.  You can see Big Butt (2003 GMC 3500 with a Allison/8.1) toting Tana down the street in the photo at the bottom of this blog.  Man and I are anxious to see what other stories Big Butt might have in store for us - - - bring em on!!


Nolichucky Roots said...

I want that Opal & it's memories! Really great stuff. And LOVE the van shot.

IrishEyes said...

What a great post!! It has made me reflect on memories of my own cars. I would have loved to ride along in that Opal as you travelled through Morocco. Thanks Carol! Cheers! Jennifer

Texasblu said...

These are so fun! I can only imagine that Big Butt will bring many more exciting adventures - after all, the car may get you there, but you and Man are the ones driving. ;)