Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, No Worts Linda, Just a Weed, a Day of Yellow

Linda, from Flipside, seems to love plants with names that include "wort" in the name. I told her, Linda, I don't have worts.  For some reason, she seemed to think that was humorous.  Glad that I could get her to giggle just a little, because her son is still quite ill and I am still praying for her family. 

So, today at Flipside, Linda posted for Wordless Wednesday, St. John's Wort, a beautiful yellow bloom. I offer, no worts, but, a weed, a pretty weed.  Found this growing near our home when we were out seeking a pulled pork sandwich.   The sandwich was yummy and the weed was pretty.

* Photo darked to highlight the flower detail, flower actually sunny yellow.

** More yellow over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna today.

*** And, once again, I fail again at Wordless Wednseday, think I fail every week.  LOL

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hummer said...

I will make my comment here. The wedding looks like it was a special memorable time for all. The bride is breathtakingly beautiful and and the family together is so real not staged. I love them all. You are a real flower too.
Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed all the wedding posts.

Greta Koehl said...

How stunning - amazing what you can see when you look closely. I should take pictures of some of my favorite weeds, like Chinese dayflower.

lindalee said...

Cool beans!!!! And, thanks for those prayers, Carol.

Barbara said...

Love what Linda wrote, "cool beans" you did a great job darkening the picture, beautiful.