Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Summaries, or Reflection's This 'n That

A bit tired today, the weather radio alarm went off a LOT last night, tornados popping up all around us, till 5 AM when the power finally went out.  I want to thank Mr. G for his letting me know the radio was going off, your information (disguised as barking) was extremely helpful, I mean, I did not hear that piercing siren sound emanating from the radio.

On the serious side, prayers to those affected by the flooding and the wind damage and the tornado damage over in Monroe County and elsewhere.  Friend of a MOC member in Illinois lost their RV, their van, damage to their truck, roof off house and windows blown out.  At the stick, we did not have so much as a leaf blown off any of our many trees.  From sound, err, boom, heard late this morning, we might have had a tree come down, out in the woods, at least we don't have to clean that up. 

Our power came back on about 4 or 5 hours later, and we slept through most of that.  We are high and dry and no damage, cept for a bit of frayed nerves for ole Carol who does not particularly like this stormy stuff.  I'll catch up the lost sleep tonight, I promise!  LOL

That dress, for the wedding, the long one, going back. I stopped at Elder Beermans the other day while running errands, found something I like better, have discussed with bride and her mother, and we all agree this is MUCHO better.  Bride's mother even loaned me a shawl to complement the new duds!  How sweet is that??

Speaking of wedding doings, the boys had a bachelor party this weekend for the groom, Son # 3.  Man was going to attend, but ended up declining due to a nasty root canal, and a very bunged up ankle.  They went camping, and ducked rain drops for many hours, but, I hear they did manage to get in a nice round or two of disc golf.

And, the bride had a little bachelorette party last night.  It started with dinner, well, goodies, at a fondu place.  Bride, bride's sister and mother, and Moi.  Let me tell you 4 gals can really enjoy an evening of chatter over cheese fondu, drinks and chocolate fondu. What a combo! WAHHOOO.  I understand the bride and a number of girlfriends went out bar hopping after, I was so well saturated with cheese and chocolate and my one manhattan, that I was happy to head back to the stick.  Thanks, girls, for inviting me along for the fondu and the great evening, was a lot of fun!

*I am trying to think up excuses to go back to that fondu place, can we say OMG???

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TennLady said...

Chocolate fondue, who needs an excuse!

Renate said...

Sounds like fun! Glad things are coming together for you and the happy couple!


Scottish Genealogist said...

Chocolate fondue, cheese fondue - what more could a girl want? Just don't set fire to the tablecloth :-)