Monday, June 21, 2010

Relatively Speaking, It's Hot Out There, You Say it is Carol's Turn??

OK, what with the heat, the yard work, the family issues, cemetery stomping, preparing some blog posts for publication later this week and the wedding activities, I did not realize it was my turn at the helm until Karen reminded me.


All the Wild Ones have been so busy that the email numbers have been reduced to almost zip!  Bill must be wondering where we all are (insider joke, we always say that Mr. Microsoft Bill (Gates) must get our MIA email, we just cannot figure out why he would want to read our ranting about indexing at Ancestry, or how we found the latest death certificate/obit/burial record - - - - ).

What we do know:  Two of us have family members dealing with heart issues, we are praying.  One of us has a very banged up auto from the storms the other night.  Tree and car, mmmmm, not a good mix.  Could have been worse, no one was hurt.

We are ALL busy in our yards and gardens.  We go out and weed a bit, come back in and do a bit of computer work or house work, then go back out in the heat and try to do a bit more weeding, weeding and more weeding.  Seems we all have LOTS of weeds.  SIGHHH  Must be all that heat, they are growing, like, well, like weeds!

Our kids are getting new jobs, going to school, graduating from college, moving to new digs, getting married. We all celebrated Father's Day with the special men in our lives. 

Ya, baby, it is hot out there, and Carol has NO more for Relatively Speaking this time around.

*Pssstttttt, I can tell you that Karen will be talking genie and cooking this week (maybe even today) on her blog.  Anne has a fab story coming soon on her blog about a news article she found in Lexington this week.  Later this week I will have a post about the cooler and the wedding, and depending on how the week plays out, I might even have one bout dead eye and knockin' knees.  But right now, I am gonna schedule this for publication early Monday, and I am headed for the land of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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hummer said...

You are soo funny and I can so relate. Hope your family member with heart issues get better, and I feel for you working in the garden...mercy the humidity down here in South Texas has been oppressive. Looking forward to when you post wedding pictures...Another link in your family chain. Don't you love the way it grows both ways!