Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday AND Birthday Observances, Libbie Margaret Jaquis Ressler

Libbie Margaret Jaquis was born 8 Jun 1872 in Parkersburg, Butler County, Iowa to father Elihu Jaquis and his wife Mary Ann (nee Stuart) Jaquis. Libbie married Enos Hubert Ressler on 1 Oct 1895 in Swanton, Butler County, Iowa.  Libbie and Enos had 7 children, all of which lived long lives.  They were:
  1. Gladys May Ressler, the only child that did not marry
  2. Hubert William Ressler
  3. Earl John Resser
  4. Verne Elihu Ressler
  5. Floyd Irel Ressler
  6. Carl Francis Ressler
  7. Helen Ethel Ressler
Libbie died 11 Apr 1959 in Shell Rock, Butler County, Iowa and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Shell Rock, Butler County, Iowa along side her husband, Enos.

This photo is one of my favorite of Libbie, generously shared with me by her granddaughter, Helen Marie Gallmeyer DeWitt.  This is a woman I just know I would have loved to meet.  She just looks full of fun, joy, and stories, lots and lots of stories!
Libbie is a very special gal to this blogger, she was a family historian supreme!  Libbie was active in the Jaquis family reunions.  She wrote down LOTS of family data.  I have in my possession at least 2 collections of notes and family group data that she gathered and recorded.  She recorded dates of births, marriages, deaths, and little tidbits, like the following she wrote about her brother, Charles:

"Charles Jaquis son of Elihu and Mary Jaquis was born in Butler Co Ia. Charlie is a very industrious farmer. He has a college education and has made use of it. Chas. is an easy talker and good company. He has lived in Colo for a number of years as his health is better there. He resembles the Stuarts very much."

Isn't that just wonderful color to be able to add to your data base??

Libbie also wrote "The Gold Moon" in about 1934, which was privately published.  Libbie wrote this jewel of a family history about each of her four grandparents that came from 4 different countries. I was lucky enough to connect with a family member, Robert W. Crouch, who was willing to share a copy of this small, romantic, wonderful heritage with me.

Some of the details, Libbie recorded, have been proven to be in error, ever so slightly, with the documented research I have done. However, these minor errors in no way diminish the work.  I have spent many wonderful hours reading and re-reading Libbie's work and finding documents to augment her heartfelt personal stories.  She has led me to research and history I would never have visited without her writings.

"The Gold Moon" is a treasure to the Jaquis, and Lashbrook families.

Thank you Libbie, for all your notes, dates, stories of color, and "The Gold Moon".

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Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

She looks delightful. Hopefully I have that twinkle at her age.

lindalee said...

Love the photo of Libbie and her bike.