Friday, June 11, 2010

Bathing Beauties from Virginia

I am guessing these photos were taken at Virginia Beach Virginia, as my grandmother grew up very near there. She lived in and around Norfolk Virginia.  At that time there were still mailing addresses like Great Bridge, Berkley, and Kempsville. They were replaced by Chesapeake and Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Right, my grandmother, Florence Ruth Dews, at the beach.  Don't you love the tents??  I sure wish I knew more about this photo and the tents, I know there is a story there - -

This photo shows her hair quite long, I have no other photos where her hair was this long. I was quite surprised when I saw this photo, as she always wore it much shorter.  The photo is not dated, however, I am making an educated guess and will say it was taken between 1920 and 1925.  I actually have 2 other photos of her in a swim suit instead of this cover up outfit. 

Florence really loved the beach, she loved it so much that in her later years she moved to the Outer Banks, living and working there.  Florence was the subject of my post, They Worked Hard for the Family, Bowen style, one of my first carnival entries. 

In 1923 Florence married Hayden Eugene Bowen.  I celebrated their anniversary last year with this post

In 1926 Florence gave birth to her only child, Donald Eugene Bowen I.  (In fact his birthday was June 12th, I will be posting a bit about him tomorrow.)

Left, Donald Eugene Bowen I and his father, Hayden Eugene Bowen, 1927.

Now those are some bathing beauties!

This is the only photo I have of Hayden in a swim suit. 

I have one additional photo of Donald in beach wear. It was taken on the very same day, sitting on the beach in the sand, appearing to be quite pleased with the experience, a darling grin on his little mug!

I hope you will enjoy your summer.  I wish for you, lots of beach days, with sand between your toes.  May you make great family memories. And, don't forget to take lots of photos to leave for your descendants to enjoy.  Let's see those swim suit getups and a grin on your little mug!

*This is my entry in the COG 95th edition, The Annual Swimsuit Edition! Thank you to Creative Gene for hosting the Carnival and to footnoteMaven for the great poster.

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Renate said...

I just LOVE the picture of your grandmother! As I was reading this post, I began to reflect on the fact that, though our ancestors lived in the same area at the same time (I didn't realize your folks were from Norfolk!), they couldn't enjoy the same beaches, so, no doubt, they never crossed paths on those carefree summer days. I wasn't aware of this Carnival, but I might try to do a quick post for it, if it's not too late, because I also have a great picture of my grandmother on the (colored) beach in Norfolk!
I can probably find out about the tents for you. I think I might know what it is, but I want to check some information first. I'll be in touch!
Thanks again for sharing. :)


Carol said...

Renate, info on the tents would be so great. And I would love to see your photo of your grandmother on the beach!

Yes, we are a Norfolk family, and someone else we now was born there too!

Renate said...

Oh, and I meant to say; If you're sure the beach was in Norfolk, it was most likely Ocean View. That was the "Whites Only" beach. It is one of my very favorite spots to hang out, now. :)


Carol said...

Maybe with your knowledge of the area, you can tell me, which beach is closest to Money Point, Washington Mag. District, Norfolk County, Virginia. Or how bout Buell? And, finally, Portlock.

Money Point was where Florence's mother ran a boarding house for years. Florence is enumerated there in 1930. Florence is shown living at Buell in 1928 directory. 1934 directories find the family over in Portlock.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful photograph of your grandmother. She looks like a delightful young woman. At first I thought she was holding a horseshoe crab - but now I think it's a purse. Is it? She looks like she's been kneeling, playing in the sand. Great photo!

Carol said...

Nancy, I think it is a purse, yes. I'd bet anything she had been digging for crabs or oysters! She loved seafood too!

Miriam said...

These photos are priceless! Thanks for sharing...I'm enjoying the history about the beaches in the comments, too.

hummer said...

I love the picture of your grandmother. Will be fascinated to learn about the tents and history here. She is beautiful.