Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Obsevances, Arthur Norman Stevens

Arthur Norman Stevens, May 1947

July 1st was Man's father's birthday.  He would have been 91 years old this year.  Arthur died in 1979, not quite 60 years of age. 

Art was multi-talented, he could fix the electrical, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing in your home, then, go fix your car.

Art always wanted to fly.  He loved airplanes. I was a student pilot when I first met Art.  He and I would sit at the kitchen table and "fly" for hours.  I never got my pilot's license, and Art never got to take lessons, but he and I continued to fly at the kitchen table for years to come.

Art also loved electronics, he even built his own television. He thought hand held calculators were as they say, the cat's 'meow'. Had he lived a few more years, he surely would have been enthralled with computers and Man and I just know he would have been a hacker supreme!

Happy birthday to Man's Dad, we miss you.

*Last year's birthday post for Art is here, you will see I wrote about several  of the same things, his ability to fix anything, he and I flying at the kitchen table, and the television he built.  I wrote today's post and then went to review last years.  I guess one could say, he left strong impressions and memories that have not faded over the years.

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lindalee said...

A wake up call for is my Dad's birthday....I need to write a

TennLady said...

Good memories - that's a good thing.

Barbara said...

What a nice tribute. Unfortunate that he died at a young age. Also, what nice hair!