Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Flipside, Refections Has NO Answer Today

Well, Linda from Flipside got me today.  She posted her Jack-in-the-Pulpit today, as usual great photos.  But, alas, Reflections has no response, maybe I shall have to visit the nursery and see if I can find one to add to my own garden?

So, here is my offering of the day.  This small delight was growing in a berm at the grocery store.  I am sure many would consider a weed.  Name, unknown.  My reward for running errands??  Nice reward!

*Today at Reflection's Flora and Fauna, Bob's"B", the Bird Nursery. Wordless, of course.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful colors, weed or not. You must carry your camera everywhere, but it pays off.

Carol said...

Friends are starting to say, "Carol, you will take a photo of ANYTHING!"

They are right.

And, yes, Barbara, I find I will not leave home without the camera, might not have my purse, but, I will have the camera. LOL

Mary said...

Beautiful 'weed'...altho I don't really consider it a 'weed'. I too take my camera EVERYWHERE. Sometimes the battery is dead but the camera is with me :)

Greta Koehl said...

Love that blue. I've got some great blue pictures to post, but I'm behind on garden pictures, so they'll come later. Some weeds really can be beautiful, which is why I always save one clump of Chinese dayflower from being yanked.