Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Stuff, Some This 'N That, From Reflections

For the latest in the fight for the Library of Michigan and the genealogical colletions, surf over to the Michigan Genealogical Council site and have a read, you can read past letters/updates as well.  This saga has been going on so long, and still no resolution.  I know you can hear my SIGHS.  [SIGH]

Kinda expect that I will be slowing down a bit the next week or so on the blogs, excuse, got this wedding next weekend.  [GRIN]

Summer starts WHEN??  Seems it started here in lower Michigan a few weeks ago, but, you won't hear me complaining.  Cept, gotta say yesteday with high humidity is a bit uncomfy, and the storms that frequently come with that high heat/humidity, well, no thanks Momma Nature, ick!  Last night, with the weather radio screaming at me, yelling about 1 inch hail and possible 80 MPH winds, I even brought most of the potted plants in from the deck.  Even brought in the hummer feeders.  We thankfully missed most of the action, but, hear reports of several houses hit by lightening just north of here.  Prayers going out to them, lost most everything, but, all got out safely, including pets!

Mr. G (Gallagher the yorkie with a mouth and a sharp bark) is talking to me, time for breakfast and then, I need to take the hummers their food as well.

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Apple said...

Enjoy the wedding and everything that leads up to it! Glad you missed out on the bad weather. We started summer very early here. I'm wondering if there will be anything left to bloom in Aug and Sept.