Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Moaning?? NOT Here at Reflections

I have some more thank yous to give out this Monday Morning.

First Barbara, from Life From The Roots, thank you for looking at that book, the ONE and ONLY copy anywhere, at the  New England Historic Genealogical Society.  I am still conteplating if this answered the question(s) or created more, but, with your lookup I have the opportunity to contemplate!

Next, Renate, of Into the LIGHT, after our discussion over the weekend, offered to do a lookup, any lookup for me at the Norfolk library.  I decided, on something of  a lark to have her look for an obituary for my great grandfather, Joseph Eugene Bowen.  Joseph died in Savannah, Georgia, but had lived in the Norfolk area for a number of years, and his son still lived there when Joseph died.  I have his obituary from Savannah, in which I am referred to as his great-grandson.  This little typo has been a source of much humor among the WO's for years.  I told Renate, do NOT spend a lot of time on this, as I already do have one obituary, but, wondered if there was one in Norfolk.   Well, seems there was, and Renate found it for me!  And, I am a great-granddaughter now!
Nope no Monday Morning Moaning going on here.
H-A-P-P-Y    D-A-N-C-I-N-G  is what is going on here!
Thanks to both Barbara and Renate!

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TennLady said...

Cool. The obit in Georgia's sex-change has been corrected.

Barbara said...

Carol, Thanks for the mention. I enjoyed helping you, and hope my next look at the manuscript will provide something you can really use.

Renate said...

You're so welcome! I'm just happy to be able to do something for someone else, because so many folks have helped me!


lindalee said...

Genealogy Bloggers are the BEST and I love your graphic. I might have to steal