Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday Obsevances, Dad

Number 84, if he were alive.  Last year's memorial post I wrote is here, includes one of the few letters I have from him, classic Dad.  I wish I had many many more. 

Last year I shared with you his love of airplanes.  This year, I think I shall share with you his love of the hunt.  I remember pheasant, quail, duck, geese.  He and his hunting peer buds took hunting trips for dove hunting in the southeast, big game hunting out west.   

I remember a trip or two to northern Michigan for pheasant (maybe quail too) season as a family.  My parents both would hunt, they taught us kids to "walk the line".  Not to get in front of the guns, how to scare up the birds, how to space ourselves with the hunters.  I only remember doing this a few times, hunting never was my thing.

I do remember his return from a hunt full of stories, and sometimes a large bootie, as is evident in this photo.

Dad in the middle.
(Not much of a smile there Dad, I know you were smiling inside!)

Happy birthday to my Dad, the man of many toys and interests, my very own character. 

*I LOVE people that are characters, don't you??

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lindalee said...

That is a BIG haul of animals!!! I'm not from a hunting family; however my ex brother-in-law was quite a hunter. I seem to remember they flew up to Pelee (?) and island in Lake Erie to hunt doves. I think an annual remembrance on Dad's birthday is a wonderful way to remember.