Monday, May 2, 2011

THE Trip, Camp Verde Arizona and Montezuma Castle National Monument

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Just about our first day in Camp Verde we wandered into town proper to discover there is some serious history saving going on here.  There is Fort Verde, which we will visit later, as it is closed this day.  We wander around just a little discovering a great statue, "The Cowboy".

The town also has a historical society, which is open only one day a week, this day.  So, we stopped, thinking this would be our only opportunity to visit.  They have a very nice collection, well displayed, but allow no photos, flash or not.  I will admit I was a bit put off by this, as I don't use flash inside museums, unless I am very sure it is OK to do so.  I had hoped to blog about their nice collection in more detail than a few words, saying, nice job there folks.  First thing I wanted to photograph was this wonderful modern vinyl banner with all the surnames of families that they seemed to have lots of information on.  Second thing I noted was the fact that they had a lot of what appeared to be very bright, warm (as in hot), spot lights shining on their displays.

The volunteers had told us no photos because the flashes will eventually damage the collection. I am no archivist, but, I sorta wonder, won't those bright, warm spot lights eventually do the same kind of damage??  Guess I might have to do some research on that, just to satisfy my own curiosity.  Anyway, their museum, their rules.  I did happen to speak to a member of the society later on in the week that I just happened to meet and we had a long interesting civil discussion of my take on it, she appreciated the feedback.  If you happen to be in the area, it is a great place to visit, too bad they won't let photos be shared in today's newest and coolest PR tool, the blog (my blog is cool, right??  LOL).  I did find a web site, of sorts, not sure if it is their official web site or not, but you can read a bit more about it, here.

Leaving the historical society disappointed, we drove a few miles over to Montezuma Castle National Monument, where limestone, and 1000 years of history are remarkable.  I took a lot of photos, from a lot of angles, but will only post 4 photos here, believe me, it is hard to just pick 4 when you have this awesome subject.

From the signs we learn that about 50 people lived in this structure.  It is believed they built up here because they would not have to build 4 walls, and that they were aware that shady insulated alcoves would help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

I took this photo of some of the signage, you can see that time has taken it's tole on the castle.  Yes, I know, quality not the best, but you will get the idea.

It is a short walk around the complex on paved walkways, a number benches are to be found strategically placed so you can sit, contemplate and enjoy the view and the peace that seems to surround the castle.

We will visit several more cliff dwellings while we are in the area, in awe at each site.  So special!

Over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna, in the next several weeks I will show you some bees and bird home photos taken here at Montezuma Castle.  More amazing stuff!


TennLady said...

Gosh I have those same pictures!

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Love these! Never wanted to be a cowboy - but always loved/love caves. Must have been a bat in a previous life.

Anonymous said...

The Castle looks amazing! Very exotic :-) Jo

Greta Koehl said...

Ah, logic. Sometimes it's just wasted.... Love the pictures!