Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Numbers, Or the Easy Way To Find Your Way Back to Your Microfilm Reader

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Salt Lake City, the Family History Center, the mecca for family researchers, the home of SOOOO much microfilm.  Lots of researchers come here.  The library have lots of every thing, lots of books, lots of scanner/printers, lots of film, lots of computers, and LOTS AND LOTS of microfilm readers!  The other day, I realized, one could actually get turned around in here and get lost amongst the readers.

See LOTS and LOTS of readers, there are LOTS of rows like this.
Above, and what have we here??
Yes, indeedy, they have the rows of the readers numbered!
And, what have we here, on the back of my  little cubicle/microfilm reader desk??
AH HA, a number and a letter!
Actually, I did not try to figure out the letter part.
I sorta figured if I remembered just the row number, I could eventually
wander up and down that row and find my station, I mean,
that is my computer, eh??
They sure are clever, aren't they??  Love the numbers!


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Barbara Poole said...

Carol, since the number 5 is the aisle, then the F is probably after ABCDE, and it helps you find your reader. What time did you take the picture, why no people?