Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tale of the Three Lost Awnings

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(Sometimes we just cannot help but wonder at stories from other RVers.  This story related with jaws hanging, hopefully it will not sound too smug or sarcastic.  I guess it just shows we all look at every issue in our lives differently, and this guy sure looks at RVing differently than Man and I do!  LOL)

The other day Man and I met this couple in the park we were staying at.  They are from Oregon and winter in Yuma.  They are heading home.  He proudly informs us that he has every night of their trip home pre-scheduled.  "I know where I will be every night for the whole trip!"

Man and I mention that we don't have our trip planned that well and relate to him the story of how we held fast for one more day so we would not have to travel in windy conditions (40 to 70 MPH winds is considered windy, right??), and how, in fact, we don't travel in snow, sleet, ice or wind.

His next remark was a show stopper for us, something like, "Oh, the wind is not a problem, have white knuckles now and then.  Only problem with wind is loosing awnings - - I have lost three already - - while driving in wind."

(MMMM, obviously the pre-set schedule is paramount.  Said thought is not verbalized, but thought.)

(Question - - what is the hurry??  Said question is not verbalized, but thought.)

So, our new friend continues to tell us he is driving 150 miles tomorrow and will see a national park in the afternoon, and another national park nearby the next day and then will drive to Provo the next.


Oh, it is supposed to rain tomorrow, we hope he has a safe trip.  Man and I will be thinking about him over our first cup of coffee about 10 AM.

* Photo courtesy of JC Whitney.

**Since this encounter, we actually met another couple, with a 5th wheel, who were driving all over the Rockie Mountains with no trailer brakes.  He said he lost them back in Sedona Arizona and was going home to Oregon.  All I can say, is we were really glad we were not traveling the same route on the same day as he was, we don't want to witness any misfortune he might have.  Hope he got back home without any incidents. To us this was just plain NUTS!  He was counting on the brakes of his truck to stop about 24,000 rolling pounds.  NUTS!


TennLady said...

Does he drive with his awnings extended? Weird!

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Obviously VERY different priorities. I'm with you. If I have the luxury of time I want to USE it. No publishable comment on the brakes.

Carol said...


If he is driving when those awnings were "lost", they most likely "unfurled", as in the fabric billows out all over the place, and basically he IS driving with them extended!

Having seen it happen on the top of the Mighty Mac, I can tell you, it happens fast and if it were me, would be rather concerning.

Anonymous said...

White knuckles? No, thank you. I'm not an RV-er but if I was, the point would be to go where you want to, on a whim, and have everything you need on board to do so in comfort. Ho, hum, we're all different I guess :-) Jo