Thursday, May 26, 2011

THE Trip, Sedona Arizona, Red Rock Heaven

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I promised you I would get back to THE Trip reports, slowly they will keep appearing.  Because I take a few too many photos (you think?), it does take me a while to preview them, choose which ones I want to share and prepare them.  Takes a while to write the posts and post the photos.  I hope you will enjoy them and feel they are worth waiting for.)

I have yet to decide if sunny days or cloudy days provide better photo fodder.  It is probably a bit of a mix.  Trouble is, when Mother Nature decides to be sunny, she is sunny, if she decides she is in a bit of a snit, well, you get what she dishes out.  The day we first visited the Sedona area, she was in a bit of a snit, so, Sony got what Sony could do.  Sony got sunshine, dark moisture laden clouds, and interesting shadows.

That said, my eyes could not take it in fast enough, nor could I take enough photos.  The day involved a ride from I 17 on 179 to Sedona, included lunch at the Tlaquepaque area, a drive to the airport for some awesome views, a stop at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, lots of gawking on our parts, and ended up with a drive up Oak Creek Canyon.  Our ride topped out at about 7,000 feet elevation with a few sleet/snow flakes mixed in.

Sony and I were busy, as we shot somewhere between 340 and 400 photos.  OMG!  Don't panic, won't be sharing them all with you here on Reflections.

I will be making several posts out of this very long overwhelming day, but, lets start with the Red Rock Heaven, shots in and around Sedona Arizona.  I won't be making any attempt to identify the rock formations even though a number of them do have names.

I wrote on my Facebook wall when we returned to Tana, the simple words:

Sedona Arizona, Rocks.  Red.

But there is also white, and layers of each color, some look worn, others look sharp, some look like the crumbles on top of a good crumble cake, yum!

I have processed about 20 photos taken in the immediate Sedona area, and they all ended up in this slideshow.

We drove through this area another afternoon making sure to drive the other way, from Sedona out towards I 17.   Our thoughts were that we would see the rock formations from a different angle.  It was a good plan, the lighting was also different.  None of those photos are included in today's post.

Sedona was our first introduction to the vibrant red rock we would be experiencing for the next 6 weeks or so, what a great intro it was!



Barbara Poole said...

Indeed beautiful. I can see why you loved Sedona. Now to find out how you did the slide show, neat.

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Smiling and sighing. GREAT! Great idea on the slide show, too. I'm all for squeezing in as many photos as possible!

Kathy Reed said...

I can't even decide on a favorite. They are beautiful!

Greta Koehl said...

These took my breath away!

Southwest Arkie said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love them all- you are really getting some great pics Carol!!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Stunning photos of an area we love as well. Would love to know how you did the slide show. Maybe a future post, eh? When you have a spare minute or two. hehe