Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE Trip, Montezuma Well, The Homes

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Very near Montezuma Castle National Monument, and in fact, part of that unit, is Montezuma Well. To quote that web site, "Formed long ago by the collapse of a limestone cavern, over one million gallons of water a day flows continuously into the Well. This constant supply of warm, fresh water provides an aquatic habitat like no other in the world, and has served as an oasis for wildlife and humans for thousands of years."  We were told by several people we know and met along the way that the Well was not to be missed.  I totally agree, if possible, this site is even more awesome that the Castle Monument.

Above, first a view of at least 2 homes, the well is below what you can see here.

Taken from above, different angle, closer view of one of the homes.
Above, this photo shows the edge of the well and the two homes,
note the family on the upper level, far left side of photo to give some idea of size.
Even tho panoramic photos don't translate well here, try clicking on
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The cliff dwelling homes are just above that one lone green tree, on the left.
These cave dwellings are down on the level of the water of the well.
Above the well is this large pueblo, contained about 20 to 30 rooms,
each room would be about 12 X 8.
A very special part of the Well site is the irrigation canal, which I will bring you in another post, stay tuned.



IrishEyesJG said...

Now, that's what I call rural real estate. Very Cool! Thanks for sharing these.


Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

On the Bucket List. Great job on perspectives and scale. Fabulous!!!

S. Lincecum said...

Visited about twelve years ago. Pretty awesome site. Your great photos brought back memories! :-)

Michelle Goodrum said...

Fabulous and interesting post. We gotta go there!